Cash Processor team continuously and proactively monitors our CPS to prevent cash recycler failures, connection failures and downtime.

It’s this constant preventive monitoring that turns into the outstanding performance we offer of the Self Service Terminal.

Our proactive system has trouble notifications which allow us to detect hardware, service and communication problems within short time of occurrent. We have the capability to detect problems before customers becomes aware of them. Additionally, trouble notifications can be traced from historical database. For automation of monitoring we use tools to detect and forward alarms to our CPS Online Support for identification, tracking, and resolution.

Preventing Malfunctioning and breakdowns

The CPS Online support proactively responds to whatever situation arises, enabling us to minimize costly, unplanned downtime.

Proactive Notification

The CPS Online Help will notify you, via email and/or SMS, if your service is affected by unexpected malfunctions, breakdowns or scheduled maintenance.

Resolving Malfunctioning and breakdowns

In the event that a service malfunctioning and breakdown ever does occur, CPS Online Support will adhere to the strictest escalation policy and CPS guidelines in order to strive for resolution. With CPS Online Support you get a single point of contact that will facilitate resolution of any issue you have with your Cash Processor Systems.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe via the Web

If you wish that your system to be proactive monitored, please, contact us via our website or send us e-mail.