Delivering the best possible service is top priority for our company and we will be pleased for high recognition of our efforts by our customers. Our Service Delivery Strategy is aiming to give our customer the ability to run the business smoothly, most optimal and inexpensive when using the Cash Processor. Our services consists of the following:

    • Online support:
      wherever you are we are  ready to help you and avoid undesired circumstances.
    • Proactive monitoring:
      even more we like to be the first to detect your problems and to resolve them as soon as possible.
    • Remote support:
      if needed and reparation is inevitable we are ready to act on remote basis to avoid undesirable expenses.
    • Onsite support:
      we are ready to provide local services for our clients and send our engineers on site for reparation and preventive measures.

You can find more details regarding to each fundamental strategy point at the right side menu.