The Cash Processor is manufactured in the Netherlands. We use high quality and proven equipment for any piece of the terminal.


Reliable Cash Recyclers with Proven Prehistory

  • Ease of maintenance (person during 1 hour of introduction is capable to provide operational maintenance).
  • Low rate of failure.
  • Reliable recognition of banknotes and coins.
  • High acceptance rate.
  • 3 recycling cassettes with total capacity 360 banknote.
  • 6 recycling tubes for coins + 2 optional recycling hoppers.


  • Full scale TCP/IP integration XML based protocol, independent of operating system.
  • As an option the system provides own graphical user interface with full scale functionality with simplified integration interface/protocol.

Currency Flexibility

  • The system can accept and dispense all types of banknotes.
  • Cash Processor supports most worldwide currencies.
  • The system can extend supported cash hardware and allows choosing different coin and note recyclers.
  • You are free to configure operability of each banknote and coin on own choice.
  • The system provides different levels of cash filling which can be adjusted on your wish.

Secure and Dependable

  • System alarms levels of cash filling.
  • Payment process is traceable in any critical situation. In case of a critical situation it restores the payment.
  • The system provides full operational history.
  • Back Office provides central monitoring of several Cash Processors within one location and collects historical data.
  • The system provides safe coupling with third party software such as Point-Of-Sale systems. Interconnection is provided by TCP/IP based XML protocol.